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  • Tired of always being the first one to die?
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Legit Aimbot System

  • Auto Aim – Automatically aim at target, includes spawn protection support.
  • Humanize – Automatically add slight variations into aimbot to resemble human player.
  • RCS – Adjust completely for recoil to achieve perfect spray downs.
  • Pro Spread – Non-shake nospread for legit players/
  • Field of View adjustment – Permit a limited angle for aimbot to aim.
  • Aim Position – Aim at neck, chest, body, head, or best.
  • Aim Key – Specify an aimbot toggle key.
  • Aim Speed – Specify speed of aimbot for human style.
  • Aim Delay – Aimbot delays from target to target.

Rage Aimbot System

  • Auto Aim – Automatically aim at target, includes spawn protection support.
  • Auto Shoot – Automatically fire at enemy players.
  • Perfect Accuracy – Completely removes recoil and spread to achieve perfect accuracy.(Non Shake Spread)
  • Auto Wall – Fires through penetrable walls
  • Silent Aim – Gives only the player an invisible aimbot appearance
  • Speed Hack – Increases speed of player
  • Speed Key – Specify an speed hack toggle key.
  • HVH Mode – Enables perfect settings such as anti-aim, anti-anti-aim, and prediction.
  • XYZ Adjustments – Fine tune aimbot aim positions
  • Hit Scan – Aimbot aims at partial visibility of hitbox
  • Next Shot Prediction – Special prediction to improve speed of aimbot

Trigger Bot System

  • Active – Enables perfect no spread triggerbot.
  • Trigger Aim – Feature that mixes aimbot and triggerbot to create a special magnet that fires
  • Trigger Aim Speed – Specify speed of trigger aim
  • Trigger Wall – Allows triggerbot to shoot through walls
  • One Shot – Only fires when a headshot can be made.
  • Burst Speed – Specify triggerbot burst
  • Trigger Key – Activate triggerbot only when key is held down.

ESP System

  • Active – Automatically activate ESP.
  • Far ESP – Extend the range of esp to full map.
  • Name – Draw name on target.
  • Boxes – Draw 2d or 3d boxes on target.
  • Distance – Draw distance on target.
  • Weapons – Draw weapons on target
  • Grenades – Draw esp on grenades.
  • Ground – Draw esp on items on ground.
  • Crosses – Draw crosses on target
  • Bomb – Draw esp on bomb
  • Health – draw health with bars or numbers
  • Sound – draw words or squares when player makes noise
  • Team – Determine whether to show esp for team,all,or enemies
  • Radar – Draw 2D radar
  • Crosshair – Draw different types of crosshairs
  • Barrel Hack – Draw line showing which way target is facing
  • Sonar ESP – Only draw esp when playing is making a noise
  • Hearing Aid – Increase sound volume in map

Visual System

  • Spy Cam – Display rearview mirror at all times.
  • Drone Cam – Displays a camera you can control with your mouse and move around the map
  • Spike – Lay your own camera anywhere on map
  • Chams – Draw multicolored textures on target for visibility
  • Rainbow Chams – All the colours of the rainbow!
  • Asus Walls – Make walls transparent
  • XQZ Wallhack – See enemies through walls
  • Wire models – Have enemies appear as wires
  • No Hands – remove hands
  • No Sky – Removes Sky
  • Coloured Walls – Make walls multiple colors or even disco
  • Wireframe – Turn the entire map into wires


  • Auto Pistol – Makes pistols fire as if they were automatics.
  • Anti Kick – Spam status to make it more difficult to kick.
  • Name Stealer – Automatically steal player names to prevent kicks and bans.
  • Bunny Hop – Automatically Jump continuously.
  • Panic Key – Disable hack with push of a button.


  • In-Game Menu – Adjusts values in-game with mouse driven menu.
  • Virtual Key Binder – Assign any key to perform hack functions.
  • Configuration System – Save and Load profiles multiple profiles and quick configs.
  • Weapon Configs – Assign different configs to all weapons within the game
  • Guides – Detailed guides to configure hack for any style of play.

Supported Anti-Cheats

  • VAC2
  • VAC3

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista (32bit & 64bit)
  • Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit)
  • Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit)